The Highest Quality Oils

For More than 100 years

Light in color, Light in Taste.

Pure plant-based oils. Since 1899, Wesson Oil has been the cooking oil Americans have used to create their favorite meals. Our canola, vegetable, and corn oils remain pantry staples to this day.

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Wesson - no preservatives
Wesson - no coloring agents
Wesson - no cholesterol
Wesson - no chemicals
Wesson - no trans-fat

It's Pure

Plant-Based Goodness

Wesson is free from trans fat, chemicals, preservatives, coloring agents and cholesterol. In other words, these pure plant-based oils helps maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle, without sacrificing taste. Wesson Oil’s light taste allows the flavors of your favorite dishes to shine through.

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Committed To Local Ingredients

American Heritage

Wesson Oil has been a staple in American kitchens for over 100 years. For generations, people have trusted and enjoyed Wesson’s quality oils. Our oils are made from plant-based ingredients grown right here in North America. Today, we’re committed as ever to continuing the tradition of providing families around the world with healthy plant-based oils.

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